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Dental Implants

Dental Implants – Improving Quality of Life with Long-term Durability and Aesthetics

Dental implants are the most innovative and effective advanced technique to replace missing teeth. Utilizing high-tech equipment, knowledge and experience of in-house periodontists, Dr. Amit Dhar and staff at North Island Dental Arts is dedicated to providing New Hyde Park patients the quality care and long-term restorations that they need to improve function and aesthetics.

With two in-house periodontists and high quality implants (including Neoss, Zimmer, and Noble BioCare) North Island Dental Arts strives to give patients many years of reliable use while protecting your oral health. We use a local lab to help maintain the high standards of our office.

We use diagnostic imaging find the best possible location and angle to place the post. Our periodontists are trained to observe nerves and the nasal cavity for optimum placement. By finding the best location, we are able to ensure a faster healing process and provide long-term results. Our staff has helped patients with problems stemming from poor placement (physical complications) and lesser quality products (dental implant mechanical failures). We strive to provide the same high-quality care to new and restoration treatment plans.

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Why Choose Dental Implants?

Implants are effective because they use a titanium post, to mimic tooth roots, as a sturdy base for a restorative crown. The titanium implant fuses to the bone during a process called osseointegration. It creates a strong and durable base, which means implants will not slip or move around. Dental implants are long-term solutions that blend in with natural teeth and restore function back into your bite. Patients are able to speak and eat without limitations and maintain their quality of life.

Dental implants provide many benefits including:

  • The materials used are built to last. Dental Implants are the most advanced technology available to replace missing teeth.
  • They help maintain the natural shape of your face. Missing teeth create premature aging.
  • Prevents teeth from shifting into gaps
  • Restorations will not decay
  • Maintains and protects bone and gum health
  • No limitations on food

Dental implants will also support dentures and bridges for a more permanent solution to multiple tooth loss. Implant-retained and implant-supported dentures offer long-term results for people who are missing multiple teeth. Both of these procedures use a series of implants as a means of securing full or partial dentures, so patients don’t have to worry about adhesives. This reduces or eliminates slippage, so dentures will not move around, enabling patients to speak and eat without worry.

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Dental implants are a viable and effective solution for most patients with missing teeth. During the initial examination, we will determine if you have enough natural bone material left to support the artificial tooth root. In some cases, implants might not be the right answer, but fortunately there are effective alternatives. No matter what your dental health situation might be, we will find the right set of treatments to correct and restore your smile. Contact our office in New Hyde Park today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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