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Consent for Biopsy procedure

You have the right to be given information about your proposed surgery so that you may make an
informed decision to have or not have surgery.

Consent Implantform

You have the right and the obligation to make decisions regarding your healthcare.

Crown Lengthening

Do NOT eat anything until the anesthesia wears off, as you might bite your lips, cheek, or tongue
and cause damage.

Endo consent form

This is my consent for the doctors of Progressive Endodontics and their staff to examine and perform root canal therapy for my tooth/teeth,

Inform consent for restoration core up and crowns

Dental core build
-up fillings are restorations that fill and restore the crown portion of the tooth restoring it to their natural
size, shape and very often the natural color.

Medical clearance

Medical Clearance for Dental Treatment

Post op instructions

As your mouth heals, you can promote faster healing and avoid complications by simply following these

POST-op implant instruction

Post Operative Instructions For Patients Who Have Undergone Implants Surgery.

Zoom Whitening Post op

Color Spotting on the teeth may occur after Zoom In- Office Whitening due to temporary dehydration of the teeth.

Zoom2 Consent Form 031505

This information has been given to me so that I can make an informed decision about having my teeth whitened.

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